About Us


Founded by former model, social media influencer and beauty obsessed Farah Sattaur.
"My love for make up started when I entered the beauty pageant world at sixteen and then I explored products individually gradually over time. My passion and knowledge grew over the years and even when I'm in the design process of a new product I always consider the quality, longevity and efficiency". 

Creating a cruelty free make up brand on the foundations of negative experiences Farah endured within both the modelling and TV industries. Farah noticed quite frequently and sadly became accustomed to situations where her skin tone would be lightened, with make up artists using shades that clearly didn’t match or suit her. At the time Farah didn’t feel like she had anyone to look up to when it came to make up, so she decided to create her own. Despite the negative experiences, Farah says that when she applies and plays around with make up she loves how it makes her feel and learned very quickly how amazing, confident, beautiful and empowered it made many others feel too.

“I’ve always been in awe of the artistry of make up, it fascinates me... with no limitations to what looks could be made but most of all how make up made people feel is just another factor in creating TRUEbeauty. Born with a belief and message, a message to stay TRUE to yourselves, create looks freely, express your individuality and break societies stereotypes!”

Farah is fully aware that she could be in a room full of make up brands with make up artists there to assist her in finding products that she could use but she wanted more and by being the face of TRUEbeauty she hopes that she can also be a role model for other woman, young ladies and girls that can truly identify and relate to her. This is why TRUEbeautys ethos emphasises staying TRUE to yourself, whatever that is and be confident however you choose to express it through make up!