About Us


Founded and launched by model, blogger and beauty enthusiast Farah Sattaur, TRUEbeauty has been created to offer people luxury products with an affordable price point. 

"My love for make up started when I entered the beauty pageant world at 16 and then I slowly explored the various products available. The artistry always fascinated me, with no limitations to what looks could be made but most of all how make up made people feel. My passion and knowledge grew over the years and even when I'm in the design process of a new product I highly consider the quality, longevity and efficiency. I don't want any limitation's to who my audience attracts and I want my brand to identify with everyone". 

Farah is huge on empowerment, although during her research she found that a lot of individuals used make up as a mask instead of applying it for self-enrichment. This didn't surprise her with societies pressures combined with her own experiences with the industries she has and still works in. This is why TRUEbeauty's ethos emphasises staying TRUE to oneself, however they see themselves and how they choose to express it through make up!

She insists on a cruelty free cosmetics line, from sourcing a manufacturer to production. The TRUEbeauty family values their customers and are committed to staying consistent with their philosophy. The brand being elegant yet playful we ultimately encourage our customers to feel free in however they use our products to express their personalities with confidence.